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"I am a 70 year old retired dentist and I have had hearing aids of different kinds for 20 years. I was recommended by a friend to go see Lorin Gregory a hearing specialist at Listen Hear Hearing Solutions and I found that his system of testing is like no Audiologist I had been to. He finds your problem by testing, then he knows how to specifically set your new hearing aids to what your ears need. I was tested and ordered what he suggested and after fine tuning the hearing aids, I have absolutely been blown away with Lorins patient care and am completely satisfied. I have been to many professionals in my life and he is the best ever for diagnosing and fixing anyone's hearing needs. Lorin goes that extra mile to satisfy your needs. “He’s is a one of a kind.”
-Dr. Chuck Priess, Jan 10, 2019

"My hearing loss had reached the point where I couldn’t understand most every day conversations with my family and friends. Talking on the phone was nearly impossible. I dreaded going to the grocery store or doctors office because unfamiliar voices in a large open space made speech sounds garbled. I frequently asked people to repeat what they said. The television at home I turned up so loud that everyone else left the room and still the speech was muffled. I had worn hearing aids before, that were made in 2005 and my provider was in the San Antonio Medical Center area. Each process from testing, ear molds to finished product took weeks and every drive was over an hour. I was so happy to find Lorin Gregory at Listen Hear Hearing Solutions in New Braunfels. I made a appointment and was scheduled immediately to be tested. Testing was complete, efficient and Lorin immediately programed my prescription into a pair of loaner hearing aids, which he let me wear for a week, with silicone ear buds, no more plastic ear molds. Lorin worked with me to make my hearing aids affordable. Lorin is always available for cleaning and adjusting my hearing aids. Now I can participate in everyday life again, as I wasn’t able to for years. Plus I hear high pitch sounds like birds singing that I never heard before. If any of these experiences sound familiar to you, please consider giving Lorin a call. Your Hearing Will Thank You "
-David, Jan 6, 2019

"There is a huge difference between buying hearing aids and being able to hear and understand as you once did. My name is Ray, I am 70 years old and I have a hearing loss. The frustration of not being able to understand those around you is only increased when you spend thousands of dollars for hearing aids and still can’t understand what you are hearing. If you have hearing problems don’t go to someone who wants to sell you hearing aids, go to someone who wants you to be able to hear and understand what is being said again. Lorin Gregory at Listen Hear Hearing Solutions also has hearing problems. He knows what it is like to not be able to understand what someone is saying to you and what you do to make it look like you can hear. His mission is not to sell you hearing aids but to restore your understanding of what people are saying to you. He will work with you both before and after the purchase to improve and maintain your hearing and understanding. Hearing restoration is not a one and done issue. The hearing test, the fitting and purchase are just the beginning. There will be changes and adjustments that need to be done. Pick a hearing provider who you like, who will be there for you when you need them and is truly concerned about you understanding what you hear. It is so great to be able to hear and understand again, to understand everything that is being said on the phone, the television and in noisy public places. Go see Lorin, get your hearing and understanding back, it will change your life."
-Ray, Jan 5, 2019

"My experience with Listen Hear Hearing Solutions was extremely satisfying. I was given 6 hearing tests each on two different days. Lorin wanted to be doubly sure about my asymmetrical hearing. I was losing 40% of all conversations. He referred me to a specialist to confirm any nerve obstruction. When the specialist determined that the hearing loss was not physical, I was cleared to have hearing aides and not have to have a surgery. I was impressed with his professionalism and personal care before he even offered me options of what hearing products were right for me. His manner was never hurried, or pushy. his main goal was to meet my needs. He truly has a servant's heart. The products he offered me where state of the art, easy to use and affordable. I was amazed with how much better I could hear. I was signed up for several weeks of adjustments, so my ears could get used to understanding what I was hearing. I asked if I could call his cell if I had a question and he was obliging. Lyla, who works the front desk, is also very professional. She is very pleasant and efficient. She calls and follows up after each appointment. Lorin and Lyla make a great team. I strongly recommend Listen Hear Hearing Solutions for their expertise, professionalism, friendliness and service. They work to one's satisfaction. Miriam Robb Happy to be hearing well again."
-Miriam Robb, Aug 30, 2013

"My wife and I, aged 82, had our first hearing test and results showed that we needed hearing assistance. A week later we decided to get a second opinion, and although the testing/examination was basically comparable, we felt that the test conducted by Listen Hear Hearing Solutions was more in depth and professionally administered. We were made aware of various type of hearing devices and costs involved. We purchased our hearing devices from Listen Hear Hearing solutions. No only were the cost of the devices reasonable to our budget, we were afforded 4 weekly visits to insure audio and other features were tuned and made comfortable; we were informed that based on our defective hearing that we qualified for a free FCC desktop telephone with voice transmissions digitally printed out on a screen as we talked. The management at Listen Hear Hearing Solutions are true professionals, and recommend them highly. Go see for yourself, the hearing tests that we received were free. We both now hear sounds that we have not heard before. Go see them and you will be impressed."
-Richard M and Bonnie C Justinger, Jul 30, 2013

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