Hearing Loss in New Braunfels, Texas

Hearing evaluations New Braunfels, Texas Listen Hear Hearing Solutions specializes in providing quality hearing care to those in New Braunfels, Texas and surrounding areas.  The dedicated and caring staff at Listen Hear Hearing Solutions will ensure you receive the best care using state-of-the art equipment.

Recognized in Healthy Living Magazine and named one of the top Hearing Health Professionals for 2012, Lorin E. Gregory is the founder and owner of Listen Hear Hearing Solutions.

Lorin’s business in New Braunfels is located at 1619 Common St., Bldg. L, Ste. 1201.  His business credo is “It’s not only what you hear, it’s what you understand”, which he has now incorporated as part of his company’s logo.

“After many years of hearing loss that started as a young child, I was originally misdiagnosed as having a learning disability,” Lorin says.  “I realized there was a problem, but not knowing that I was suffering from hearing loss, there was never a solution offered.”

Our hearing tests will help you get back on the right track!

As an adult, he currently wears hearing aids and he says no one knows better than he how “hearing aids can and will change your life”.  At Listen Hear Hearing Solutions, patients can find a variety of quality hearing aid models for as low as $799.  The highly recognized hearing solutions center ensures patients can find affordable hearing aids that meet their hearing needs.

“I am very aware of the daily physiological, emotional and social frustration which accompanies hearing loss,” Lorin says, who has been nationally recognized for his commitment to patient care.  “I have an unwavering belief that my patients deserve the best technologies in testing, diagnosis, hearing instruments, fitting, programming and post patient care which is second to none in the industry.”

Listen Hear Hearing Solutions offers hearing instruments in a variety of styles, sizes and technology levels and even colors to help you find the best one suitable for your needs.  Lorin explains and summarizes hearing instruments which share a particular set of key technology features, especially needed for demanding hearing environments.

You will be able to enjoy conversation in a busy restaurant; feel more comfortable at large social functions; and enjoy outdoor activities with less concern for wind noise and moisture.  You will be able to watch television at the same volume as others.

Hearing tests New Braunfels, Texas Once patients have taken a series of hearing tests, they need to consider a few things when choosing the perfect hearing instrument.  Lifestyle is very important because every aspect of your favorite activities impacts selecting the most appropriate hearing aids.  Hearing tests help determine the type of hearing aid treatment you need.

Types and degree of hearing loss also play a key part.  Individual variations in hearing loss can pose unique challenges to be considered when choosing the best amplification for your particular hearing loss.

Anatomy can also be very important.  The shape and size of the outer ear and ear canal may determine which type of hearing instrument you can wear.  As far as technology is concerned, a combination of features may benefit your individual needs.  Also important are the volume control and program button.

Some instruments adjust automatically while others have manual controls for volume and/or alternating between hearing programs.

Hearing aid repairs New Braunfels, Texas

Listen Hear Hearing Solutions, recognizes tinnitus as a common hearing problem.  For some, tinnitus is a minor distraction but for others, it can cause severe emotional suffering.

The level of stress caused by tinnitus is often in direct proportion to the amount of attention you pay it.  The more the condition weighs on you, the more likely it may cause negative feelings of depression and frustration.

Lorin says one of the best ways to treat tinnitus symptoms is through sound therapy.  It helps blend tinnitus into the background so you can direct your attention away from it.

When you visit Listen Hear Hearing Solutions, you will receive hearing consultation and counseling regarding tinnitus symptoms and concerns; hearing evaluations, and treatment options.

Part of sound therapy includes its introduction, personalization, initial support and counseling.  As part of follow-up visits, patients can expect more review and assessment; adjustments; and continued support and counseling.  Listen Hear Hearing Solutions covers all areas of your hearing loss treatment.  The more tinnitus weighs on you, the more likely it may cause negative feelings like depression and frustration.

Is your hearing aid device not functioning properly? Are you missing out on most conversations? Listen Hear Hearing Solutions also specializes in hearing aid repairs for most hearing aid devices at an affordable price.  At Listen Hear Hearing Solutions, Lorin offers solutions to your hearing aid problems.

For exceptional hearing care and quality hearing aid repairs, visit Listen Hear Hearing Solutions today! Patients can make appointments by calling 830-730-5185 and the office is opened Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Listen Hear Hearing Solutions looks forward to resolving your hearing loss.  Patients will walk out of Listen Hear Hearing Solutions with confidence and with the ability to hear in all types of environments.

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